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Updated on
November 29, 2013

Canadian Girls in Training (CGIT) is a program developed for girls ages 12 - 17.  Girls and leaders participate in activities based on the needs and interests of the girls in keeping with the four elements of our purpose:

 Cherish Health, Seek Truth, Know God, and Serve Others

Some activities CGIT groups enjoy include: music, games, Bible study, drama, banquets, parties, bike hikes, camping, guest speakers, discussions, conferences, and participation in worship services.


   ACCEPTS girls as they are, recognizing that every girl is unique.

    CHALLENGES girls to develop their leadership skills through participating, learning, planning, and camping.

    ASSISTS girls to grow in their faith while learning to Cherish Health, Seek Truth, Know God and Serve Others.

    LISTENS to girls in a supportive way through small group discussions.

    LINKS girls with a leader who will be their friend, help them to understand their problems, and share in their dreams.

    ENCOURAGES girls to build on their strengths and to be proud of being who they are.

    PROVIDES girls with opportunities to discover ways of helping others.

    HELPS girls develop a network with others across the country... a lifetime of support to help them live a life with a purpose.

    SHOWS girls how to center their life in Christ, so that they can become the girls God would have them be.


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